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Looking for Storytellers


Re: Looking for Storytellers

by Christopher Stewart on Mon Jan 23, 2017 3:45pm

Hello There! Hi, Greetings, Salutations, and all Those Other Words That Mean “I’m Happy to Meet You!”

My name is Christopher D. Stewart. I am a fellow Storyteller like all of you. I work as a storyteller producer for S.C. TreeHouse, which is an independent, family owned and operated, Christian production company that specializes in transmedia storytelling.

Wow, that’s always a mouth full to say. Anyway, moving on.

As a storyteller, I am always thrilled to see and meet other storytellers that are striving to tell quality stories which capture our imaginations and the heart of our Creator. As a matter of fact, that’s why I joined this group (close to a year or two ago). I wanted to meet some fellow Christian Storytellers. You see, I’ve been looking for some undiscovered storytellers to given them an opportunity to help in telling a story. A unique story. I should probably explain a little more, shouldn’t I?

Exposition, let’s go!

Okay, so, about seven…ish years ago my family and I founded S.C. TreeHouse as Christian film production company that could offer undiscovered filmmakers a chance to work on larger Christian film crews. However, we quickly released that it wasn’t just filmmakers we had the opportunity to help, but we had the chance to reach out to all kinds of storytellers. Thus we reconstructed ourselves to be one of the only Transmedia Storytelling company in the world. This has given us a really unique opportunity to work with and help all kinds of storytellers from across the globe.

Now, in case you were wondering, Transmedia Storytelling is the idea of using multiple media forms to tell a signal narrative across time. Each media piece (whether that be a book, comic, novel, video games, movie, mobile apps, or a YouTube video) functions as a fully standalone story experience that is complete and also satisfying. However, like a puzzle (with each piece being complete in itself) each piece also contributes to a larger narrative. The process is cumulative, and each new piece adds richness and details to the larger story, such as backstories for characters or secondary plotlines.

Now, something also neat about Transmedia Storytelling is that the audience actually becomes involved in the story, being able to interact with characters through social media and other such avenues. The audience becomes stakeholders in the experience alongside the characters themselves. The cool “unfolding” story design of Transmedia Storytelling creates motivation for the public to engage in the story, to seek out other pieces of the story, and contribute to the narrative themselves. Transmedia stories break down the walls between a story and the audience’s reality by bringing the narrative story into the real world letting people engage with story elements and characters using the real-world as part of the story.

Now, you don’t have to try to understand all of that, just get the general idea.

Okay, as I said earlier, I work with a transmedia storytelling company by the name of S.C. TreeHouse. So, my job at S.C. TreeHouse is that of a transmedia story producer, which means nothing more than that I have too many different positions for a more confined title. Anyway, as a producer, I have been working for the last seven years on establishing the groundwork for an interactive “Transmedia Narrative Series.” This series is being produced through the technique of telling a single story across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies to tell a single connected story.

Wow, another mouth full there.

So, the S.C TreeHouse team has been creating the groundworks for a “Transmedia Narrative Series,” the entirety of this will have a foothold in not only film and TV, but Books, YouTube, Blogs, Games, and more. This multimedia reach allows us to connect with a much broader audience, opening the doors to many more opportunities to work with storytellers in spreading the Story of God. The purpose of this “Transmedia Narrative Series” is to tell the story of how God is working in our world right now. We want to show how the God who loves us is working in the world to save us. S.C. TreeHouse is creating an engaging “Transmedia Narrative Series” that people enjoy going to watch and experience, however, most importantly our mission is to give proof that God exists and cares for His creation. We are doing this through the medium of narrative storytelling.

Now, this is where we come back to all of you. Full circle, here it is.

Recently I was in discussion with one of the fantastic people who is volunteering on this project. The discussion was about an idea to do something remarkably epic with part of this “Transmedia Narrative Series.” However, to make this idea work it would require a few more hands on the deck than we currently have.

Now, you probably already guessed where I am going with this. So, since the purpose behind S.C. TreeHouse is to help young and/or undiscovered storytellers to have a chance to work on larger projects; I wanted to reach out to all of you. I wanted to see if you knew of any or if you were an undiscovered storyteller looking for a chance to work on a God-honoring project.

So, here we are with me writing and you reading. In short, I have an opening in an epic team that is telling an epic story, and I want to fill that opening with a talented Storyteller no one has bothered to take a chance on yet. Thus, I decided this group might be a good place to look. Now, I know this post (thing) is very vague as to what this transmedia series is about, but that’s because it’s long to explain the whole thing, so I just gave you a super short version. However, I would love to explain the whole thing to you if you’re interested.

So, yeah, if you want more information (or if you’re just interested) I am more than happy to talk with you. Please give me a call or send me an email.

Well, goodbye for now all you fantastic Storytellers. I hope we can be speaking soon.

Christopher D. Stewart
Owner & Manager of
S.C. TreeHouse LLC

Phone: 1 (423) 715-4694
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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