By accessing “Christian” (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”,  “Christian” or "Christian Filmmakers") you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. If you do not agree to be legally bound by all of these, then please do not access or use Christian We may change these terms at any time, but we will do our utmost to inform you. It would be prudent to review these regularly yourself as your continued usage of Christian after changes means you agree to be legally bound by these terms as they are updated or amended.

(Guidlines updated October 5, 2010)

1. User Profiles

1. Do not provide false or misleading information on your profile.

2. Do not impersonate another person with your profile.

3. Do not use a photo of another person, a fictional character, or a commercial or political advertisement.

4. Do not create more than one profile.

5. Do not be a "hit and run" poster. ("Hit and Run Poster" Someone who signs up for an account, posts something bold and then abandons the account.)

6. You must use your real first and last (family) name in your profile. You may abreviate your first name, but not your last name.

7. You may only reigister as a real person. You may not register as a company or organization unless you have permission from the site administration. Contact us for an exception to this rule.

2. Forum Messages

1. All messages must relate in some way to the Christian faith and filmmaking.

2. No message may contain anything obscene, pornographic, vulgar, slanderous, harassing, threatening, inappropriate, or that which may violate any applicable laws, or that which is a personal attack or personal insult to another.

3. Do not SPAM. Once each year you may start a topic to promote your business, service, publication or web site. With permission from a moderator you may do this more often. This does not prohibit you from asking others to critique your work; this only limits business advertisements.

4. Use "ditto posts" sparingly, unless the topic is a survey or opinion poll by nature. Instead, consider sending a personal message to the recipient of your affirmation. ("Ditto post"  A post with no more substance than a statement of your personal agreement.)

5. Do not be a troll. ("Troll" One who posts a deliberately provocative message to a newsgroup or message board with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument" - Urban Dictionary)  (Proverbs 6:16, 19B)

6. Do not respond to trolling. You may send a private message to the troll and notify the moderators, but do not exacerbate a deteriorating situation.

7. Do not flame. ("Flame" A broad term describing a set of aggressive, insulting and often derogatory behaviors. Reference: "Flame Wars and Other Online Arguments" by Timothy Campbell.) (Proverbs 17:9)

8. Do not criticize another member’s character. Criticism and corrections of a member’s character should only be made through a private message to that individual. (Proverbs 29:5; Matthew 18:15)

9. Do not take personal offense. Politely present and support your arguments and feel free to disagree with one another. But do not take statements personally. (Proverbs 17:9)

3. Administration

1. The administrators and moderators have the right to remove, edit, lock or move any user submitted information (including posts, photographs, account information and other posted material).

2. Consequences for violating these guidelines may include warnings, suspension of posting privileges, or termination of membership.

3. Contact Nathaniel Bluedorn (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) regarding policy disputes, questions or concerns.

4. Liability

1. You agree that Christian and its administrators and moderators shall not be liable for any damages, including incidental and consequential damages. This includes, but is not limited to: (1)  loss, or mis-delivery of data, (2) unauthorized use of your account, (3) access delays and interruptions to Christian

2. Be aware that all member and moderator submitted information solely expresses the views and opinions of that user and not necessarily those of Christian