Christian Sci-Fi “Remember”  Released

“Remember,” which was released to DVD October 15, has just been named Best International Narrative Feature at San Diego Christian Film Festival. A new official trailer can be found at Here is an excerpt from an independent review by Chalcedon’s Lee Duigon: “Remember outclasses many a Hollywood production… The story is compelling; the acting is professional in quality, even without a single big name in the cast; the camera-work is superb; the music is just right-and, best of all, Remember is artistically daring and full of surprises.” Remember is a Lammiman Family film from MovieMakers. Synopsis: It’s the year 2050. We are recovering from a catastrophic collapse of the economy and population implosion. We have traded our freedom for security, turned our children over to the state at birth and we take memory blocking drugs to cope. Captain Carl Onoway’s job is to protect children from adults who might attempt to break free from society’s mold and reunite with their children. Following a traumatic incident, Carl receives a series of unusual messages that challenge him to remember his past, question his beliefs about families and lead him to play a double role that not even he himself suspects. What is a man to do when he finds himself on the right side of the law, but on the wrong side of truth?

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Veritas Forum Film Competition

For the first time ever, The Veritas Forum is hosting a
film competition! Now you have a chance to get onstage at a Veritas
Forum by creating a short film (under 4 minutes) that opens up the
conversation about science and faith. Open to any teams represented by
a current student at a U.S. university.

The winning team will receive $3000 in cash, plus the film will be
shown at Veritas Forums across the country next school year! There are
prizes for second place, third place, top ten, and viewcount. And
everyone who submits a video will be entered into a raffle to win an

We’ve got John Shepherd and John Ware, two amazing film professionals,
joining Veritas staff on the judging panel, so we are looking forward
to seeing your best stuff!

Contact Christopher Hampson at Veritas with any questions, at
film[at]veritas[dot]org. Or just visit

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