Doorpost Film Project Final Round

Online voting for the Final Round of the Doorpost Film Project 2009 Short Film Contest is now open. Voting will remain open from September 1-16. In order for your votes to be counted, you must watch and vote on all 10 Finalists’ Films. The final round filmmakers have been working hard since May to create their second round films. Each film is between 15-20 minutes long and has been scripted around the topic of Hope. To view the films, visit

Forum Discussion


2 • Richard Ramsey • September 02, 2009 • 10:33 PM

FYI, my brother co-wrote and co-stars in “Playland.”

Check it out!

Richard Ramsey

3 • Rebekah Weigel • September 05, 2009 • 8:15 PM

Check out our short film “The Butterfly Circus” starring Eduardo Verástegui (Bella), Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth, Fantastic Four) and featuring the debut performance of Nick Vujicic!  We’d love your votes!

4 • John Doryk • September 14, 2009 • 6:34 PM

Just watched “The Butterfly Circus”. Absolutely wonderful film! What a beautiful film and what a great story!

5 • aDoorpostFinalist • June 29, 2010 • 11:38 AM

There are a few things everyone needs to know about the Doorpost Film Project since you will not find this information on their website:

1. The Doorpost has the right to exhibit, display and distribute ALL films submitted to their website. This means they can monetize all the films contestants make and submit to their site (even if you do not become a finalist).

2. If you happen to make it to the finals the $40,000 given to the filmmaker is given to make a film for The Doorpost. The filmmaker is a “work-for-hire” for The Doorpost and they will own the film, all rights to the film as well as all adaptations to the story. If the filmmaker wants to turn their short film into a feature they will be required to give a significant cut to The Doorpost.

3. The Doorpost has the right to take the finalist’s film and monetize it however they would like without considering the needs and/or wishes of the filmmaker. They do not even have to give the filmmaker a “cut” of any profits because it is considered their “asset”.

4. Essentially The Doorpost is acting as a production company. The filmmakers utilize all their contacts, connections and favors to make a film that is owned by The Doorpost. The Doorpost then takes these films and monetizes them for their own self interests.