Enter Your Film in HolyWood!

There is still time to enter your film in the 2nd Annual
HolyWood Christian film festival!  We celebrate Christian filmmakers
from the U.S. and all around the world!  We want you to join the
HolyWood family.  Fan Favorite voting has already started - but it’s
not too late for your film to be a part of the voting excitement.
Visit our website and submit today!  Looking forward to seeing you at


2 • Kaylania Chapman • March 29, 2012 • 10:01 AM

Is there a website for this?

3 • Truly • April 17, 2012 • 11:46 AM

What id the website for me to enter on this and to upload my Film.


4 • Chase Arrington • August 08, 2012 • 11:25 AM

Why do Christians try to fit in and pay homage to Hollywood by taking out one letter and calling it holy wood… Is that really holy? Do you think you can add holiness to something imperfect? Does it do any good if you dump out a cup of poison and with the same cup fill it with water and drink it? Wouldn’t it make sense to use a different cup? Please, Christian brothers and sisters, spend your time appealing to the faithful not the unfaithful and you will see a radical change in culture. It only takes one person to make a difference. Be that one and try the next one. There’s no use for the blind to have half of his sight only to teach people to see half he can. Proclaim the name of Jesus loudly. Be bold! Do not conform to the satanic culture of this world. There are many who worship Satan that you wouldn’t believe did. You aren’t going to trick someone into Christianity, you who are double minded, using basketball courts and games and secular films to try to get people into church. You’re doing it for yourselves you casual believers. Be glad you serve a gracious God, that he will use our futile attempts to save those who don’t believe. I But don’t expect them to thank you for saving them, as it was not the millions of dollars or the nice bean bags… It was Jesus Christ messiah. What I really want to get at here is that there’s this theory that you can be hollywoody and Christiany… But it’s just not that way. You have to be hot or cold. If we serve Christ, we must only look at Christ. If we serve Satan, we must only serve Satan. There’s no reason to take Hollywood and call it Holywood and expect a true spiritual awakening. Don’t forget, God is a jealous God. He wants all the glory. Please stop being like the porn industry and taking hollywood blockbusters and putting a dirty name to a movie, it’s no different than taking a Hollywood film and putting a Christian name to it… It’s just… So unoriginal… Not even what you’d expect from someone who claims to know the creator. Anyways, I’m a sinner, I know I need Jesus, I believe he is the son of God and that he was is and is to come. I pray that these words move the right people to rejoice in the beauty of the gospel, to stop looking at what “they” are doing and begin making excellent excellent films that Teach, reprove, encourage, and inspire. There are already some folks doing this well such as Sherwood. Help them!!! If you can do better, do better! smile Also, God is working in the hearts of Hollywood as he did pharo with Moses. Dont seek to change, seek to understand, because understanding provides opportunities to love. When we love, we show Christ. When we are completely sold out to Christ, and boasting in our weakness, seek to understand those around us, God is made great and we are made small…. That kind of faith allows others to see who God is, not who we are. Dont fear admitting you are evil, desire to be holy, and let Christ be your righteousness. Maybe then, people will listen. In Him, Chase

5 • Nicole Hackett • January 19, 2013 • 8:05 AM

Hello, are there upcoming script submission dates?
I have a Christian script written using Final Draft. Thank you in advance for your speedy reply.